I’ve been wondering increasingly about stories. Specifically the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.And that others tell us about themselves and us. Do we all invent our own specific stories or are we born with stories inside us -just waitng to be found? Rather along the lines of Jung’s archetypes?  A good sculptor will say that the shape they have created was present all the time. Their job was simply to give it form. How does this model fit with psychiatric diagnoses, for example?

And do our stories tell us or do we tell our stories? Am I born to be a sad story or a happy one? And thinking specifically of psychiatric stories, who tells my story and which one gets chosen? Do I have a schizophrenic story with its attendant signs and symptoms? Or can I choose a story about spiritual awakening and an inner journey? And how does the story that is told about me impact on my life? Am I destined to spend my life in and out of psychiatric units being medicated or can I find more creative ways of Being?


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