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People enter dragon;s dens in a variety of ways, if we are to believe the stories we’ve read and heard. The thief sneaks in quietly. The adventurer brags in. The maiden comes in shaking. A similar process takes place when people come into my counselling room. Some come in and spend several minutes enquiring about my week; my health; my bowels; my bank balance. To which I will always reply “Fine. Thank you” Other people come in showing off their armour and daring me to comment on it.(Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. I haven’t got an armour policy!) Others come in convinced that I am going to devour them. (I find that a poor way to keep patients, so tend not to eat them.) The same is true for leaving. Some simply pay me. Get up. and go. Some want to stay a little longer and ask about homework. (There never is any. I don’t “do” homework.) Others want to shake my hand and wish me a good week. None of these comings or goings is Right or Wrong .They are simply indicators of how people manage dragons-and therapists. And as  a therapist I note these comings in and going outs with interest. As do all watchful dragons.

dragon's eye 1


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