I am a University lecturer teaching Mental Health Nursing in West London. I am also a psychodynamic counsellor with my own practice in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. This allows my teaching to be supported by practice as well as theory. The aim of my blog is to provide a space to use psychoanalytic thinking to comment on everyday life.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. saintjustynmartyr100 says:

    As one who has spent much of his personal and professional life in search of “meaning” , this will be a common theme in my writings. How do we create meaning-in any sphere? do we create meaning or is it there waiting for us to find it? And who-if anyone should or could- affirms this meaning? God? The church? Our children? Our peers? Our teachers? Is a “meaning story” only of value if we share it-or does the very fact of our choosing that story give it life?


  2. david Rawcliffe says:

    Hi from one person on the walk of life to another, I must say how very interesting band eloquent your writing is. t demonstrates many insights which I share and bring meaning to my own walk, I to am concerned by some of the assumptions in mental health care, for example we need to put the patient at the centre – rather we need to recognise they have already arrived ahead of us, and let the individual take the lead.

    I was fascinated by your honesty about owning up to depression or not, but would challenge you to be whole and say this is the reality, I am fully human, fully vulnerable and fully willing to live anyway.

    Guess which of your friends is writing to you, instead of dong his homework, is this avoidance or what? I think the answer to this is partly, but it is also a passion and compassion for a dear friend who deserves to be the best he can be.

    God bless, love David


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